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January 18, 2015

Go, Read: Open Letter To Comics Publishers About Their Hiring Practices

Here. You may not agree with all of the particulars. For instance, I think you can support a comic and a cartoonist without publishing merchandise, there are wholly legit publishers that just aren't oriented that way, Still, I think it's always worth asking the question company to company if enough women -- and non-white people of both genders, and folks adhering to a variety of sexual orientations -- are being hired. I think that's something that everyone that has a freelance pool should ask, too, so that includes CR. And coverage areas; a place where CR could improve.

If you're not familiar with candidates, maybe try a little harder. Bookmark some sites and follow some links is something all of us can do. I hope that every company that can has a significant presence at today's Black Comix Arts Festival, or had people at Saturday's festival in Harlem.

We can all improve.
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