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January 29, 2015

Go, Read: Profile Of Kevin Necessary

I enjoyed this pretty standard local cartoonist profile of Kevin Necessary for a few reasons. The first is that the professional path you can put together from the piece for the 35-year-old cartoonist and journalist is pretty brutal, just a real wasteland in terms of jobs even for the enthusiastic and talented. I like that that wasn't whitewashed. Another is that the cartoonist is presented as providing a service to the community that isn't available from traditional sources any longer. We sometimes forget in comics that an entire region can lose a certain voice if there are no home editorial cartoonists of any kind. It's not that Necessary replaces a Jim Borgman, but it must be nicer than it isn't to have someone out there in the area doing cartoons like this. Yet another thing I liked about the piece is that it looks like his current job is working for broadcast media but in their digital iteration -- a common space that television and newspapers both wish to utilize. He's pretty up front about making his cartoons work when read on the phone, too, which is something I hadn't thought of before now but makes total sense.

The cartoonist's web site is here.
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