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August 24, 2005

Go, Read: PW on Cartoonist Migration

There's a really nice, short article by Douglas Wolk called "The Road to Fruition" in this week's Publishers Weekly on artists moving from comics companies to major book publishers -- including news I hadn't heard yet or was too dumb to register that I heard, that Joe Sacco would be doing his next book (or "a" next book) with a Henry Holt imprint. There are also some words from one of Pantheon's editors about the future of okay-you-take-the-direct-market deals ("you" being the comics publisher) that could be interpreted as pretty ominous.

There's also a really nice signed review by Art Spiegelman of the forthcoming Calvin and Hobbes collection, which he goes after while admitting the two of them don't share much in the way of an artistic pedigree.
"The Complete Calvin and Hobbes offers two intertwined narratives. One details the friendship between Calvin -- the egotistical, feverishly imaginative, wised-up young tyke with the vocabulary of a Yale lit major -- and his animal familiar, Hobbes. Hobbes is seen by Calvin's parents as a nondescript plush toy and by Calvin and the reader as a pouncing and amiable 'real' tiger -- Calvin's slightly-more-sensible better half. The crosscutting between private and shared reality gives the strip its vitality.The autobiographical introduction by the notoriously reclusive Watterson kicks off another tale about the collision of private and shared realities: the story of an ornery artist's battle to explore his craft within the claustrophobic confines of a few inches of newsprint space. The beleaguered Watterson fights the strictures of brutal daily deadlines, skirmishes with editors to win more space for his often graceful Sunday pages, slugs it out with his syndicate to keep his creation from being reduced to a stuffed doll."

The other reviews are of the new ACME Novelty and Top Ten volumes. All in all, well worth firing up the on-line membership or tracking down at your library.
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