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January 18, 2015

Go, Read: The Beat/Devastator Con/Festival Exhibitor Survey

I would start here and then after you get the rough outline go to the fuller report here.

The survey is obviously problematic on a lot of levels: 1) it requires accurate disclosure from the exhibitors (they're not truthful about what they made when they're sitting at the bar, so we have to take it on faith they'll be truthful here), 2) there aren't enough people surveyed for the number of shows from which information is processed and compared, 3) exhibitors can be so, so different in terms of how they approach a comics show and how they make use of it. That said, it's the best of its type -- it might be the only one, unless does one for its consulting or the cons themselves are doing something in-house -- and you can certainly pull a lot of information out of there if you're judicious in doing so. Fun read, too.
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