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March 12, 2017

Go, Read: The Pleasure Of The Serial Comic Book

imageThere's a lot in Osvaldo Oyola's academically-tinged article for just about any fan familiar with serial comic-book buying to enjoy, even if some of the more academic pivots and certainty-flavored underlining might leave someone confused. I like that the article seems to recognize that serial comic buying frequently takes place in chunks and gulps rather than individual bites.

The fun stuff is in the details, like the nod to reading serial books over and over in a way you rarely read individual chapters or segments of a graphic novel. My own reading habits are very specific with stuff like that in that I tend to buy serial versions of certain kinds of comics but I frequently only do so when they slip to $1 apiece, which can be quite rapidly according to the way some stores stock their shelves. Another interesting shift is the way that some serial comics are collected sorted together, and therefore an individual series may read totally differently than as collected later and not just for format.
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