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March 1, 2010

Go, Read: The Times’ Profile Of The Great Ronald Searle At Age 90

imageI greatly enjoyed this profile of Ronald Searle, the noted British illustrator and cartoonist who turns 90 the day after tomorrow. You not only get a sense of the life he's created for himself (a house where the phone never rings) but the cost in doing so (his calculated decision to leave behind his family once his children turned 14). You also get a bracing dollop of St. Trinian's stuff -- including the reminder that he trumped Robert Crumb's screwdriver murder of Fritz The Cat by by a couple of decades when he dropped an atomic bomb on the place -- and the haunting specter of his being held in a Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II. If I remember right, Searle is on comics-interviewer-supreme Gary Groth's five-finger wish list of conversations he'd like to publish, and that would be wonderful -- although with Searle now 90, one wonders how likely. If there are as many drawings as this article indicates from Searle's time in the prison camp, maybe Groth's publshing company could be employed in that general direction as well.

Department Of D'Oh: Yeah, they've already made that book. I was looking it up about the same time Matthias Wivel wrote in -- the first of nine of you to have the pleasure of reading the book pictured below. Thanks, everyone!

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