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January 4, 2007

Go, Read: Tom Toles Profile

Harry Jaffe at profiles one of the great working editorial cartoonists, Tom Toles of the Washington Post. The meat of the article is about the cartoonist's view on President Bush, but there are some interesting details for comics fans: how much Toles produces in a day, how his views compare to prose editorials on the same page, which recent cartoon Toles did he doesn't like and why, and that he's been able to cover local issues.

That last fact is good news in that one of the admirable things about Toles' run in Buffalo was how well and with how much passion Toles engaged matters of special concern to upstate New York residents. There's some debate among cartoonists I know whether or not local issue cartooning is a smart strategy or not: on the one hand, it's something that distinguishes that cartoonist's work from just running syndicated work, and on the other hand local issues tend to enrage people and some thing it can make a cartoonist seem parochial and not as immersed in the national debate as they should be. At any rate, it's nice to see Toles do local material in a paper that in its great editorial cartooning past didn't do a whole lot of it.
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