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November 12, 2010

Go, Read: Two Cartoonists Profiles


These kind of snuck out today in a way that would make linking to them next week a disservice, I think:

* "Lynda Barry is a happiness bomb. There's no other way to put it, because the cartoonist, teacher, artist and bestselling author is at once an aura of calm and an invigorating, entertaining presence. She's equal parts Dalai Lama and Gilda Radner, alternately wise and cracking wise like a Zen vaudeville act." -- The National Post On Lynda Barry

* "Lulu's still fighting the fight, in there with the sloth and the drinking and the belly fat. Except now she appears to be married, which I hope to God is not some kind of terrible Cathy parallel." -- Emily Flake of Lulu Eightball in an interview with AV Club.

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