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April 12, 2012

Go, Read: Two Interviews With Two Of Comics’ Finest Talkers

image* "I sat down yesterday and realized that I'm working on ten projects at once. Which is not something I would recommend." -- Dan Clowes at PWCW.

* "I don't want to pretend to be a philosopher about money, because it really isn't something that interests me. It was the subject for a book. I have no real theory or program on the subject. When I say it was a means to an end, I should point to the fact that it gave me these great seafaring stories to illustrate. Now who could have predicted that? I'll do a book about money and it will lead me to stories about Southsea tricksters calling down typhoons to shipwreck each other. That's not something I foresaw when I started out. In the end it felt like a very real adventure that took me to an odd little corner of the world." -- Eddie Campbell at The Outhouse.
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