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March 9, 2017

Go, Vote: Last Day For Eisner Hall Of Fame Voting


Start here. That will get you re-oriented and there's a link to the vote itself. The judges did a nice job with HG Peter, Dori Seda, Antonio Prohias and Milt Gross making it in. As an eligible Eisner vote you will get to choose among:

* Peter Bagge
* Howard Cruse
* Steve Englehart
* Justin Green
* Roberta Gregory
* Bill Griffith
* Gilbert Hernandez
* Jaime Hernandez
* Francoise Mouly
* Jackie Ormes
* George Pérez
* P. Craig Russell
* Posy Simmonds
* Walter Simonson
* Jim Starlin
* Rumiko Takahashi
* Garry Trudeau

There's a lists of short bios for all of the above here.

I know there are people reading this that don't have any connection awards program, nor are in any way enthusiastic about them as a general thing. I think if we have institutions and we've afforded them a certain level of legitimacy as their own thing, we should participate in them. I know people will disagree with that sentiment, but I at least like an active pushback rather than one of apathy.

That's a good list, too. I'll have to make some choices.
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