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March 15, 2011

Go, Watch: Profile Of Algerian Political Cartooning


An English-language segment provided by the multi-lingual news service France24 (starts at about 8:37) throws the spotlight on a joint exhibition featuring work by Ali Dilem and Jean Plantu (maybe the only exhibition of its type I can remember seeing being held outside), moves over to a few words from Dilem (he's not thanking the ruling elites for his right to expression because he does not derive those rights from them) and then sidles over to the young cartoonists' collective 12-Tours for a discussion of the practical limits of that expression (you can make a graphic novel, but you can't show nudity). I don't know about you, but just seeing an Algerian young cartoonists collective is somehow touching and amazing -- it looks like any other cartoonists' shared space, and of course it should. There's also this great moment early on in the segment where two guy check out a cartoon and crack up -- the look on their face isn't just amusement, it's that spark of recognition that here's someone getting at a truth.
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