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March 14, 2016

Go, Watch: Several Cartoonists On Charlie Hebdo Anniversary

Matt Bors, Lalo Alcaraz, Ann Telnaes and Zunar all spoke on the Charlie Hebdo murders and their aftermath and some of the issues raised at an LA-area conference covered here. That incident is always worth thinking about, and always worth confronting, no matter how frustrating we find others' thoughts.

I have yet to write with any significant weight on that whole affair. I find my position is tied into the Danish Cartoons Controversy and a lot of my feelings about the value of making irresponsible art and some of my thoughts about the humanity of being in error. Also I haven't figured out how to make it so my point of view disappoints everyone, so there's definitely some refining to do. I know there are no easy points of view on something like this, and I know this isn't something that happened to me, but I don't know a lot more. Not yet, anyway.
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