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July 11, 2005

Good Weekend For Jack Kirby

imageWhile it may be that Marvel executives are high-fiving everyone they see from bed to desk this morning, it occurs to me that the combination of a critical drubbing followed by much better than feared box office results for the film Fantastic Four may have specifically benefited the legacy of Jack Kirby. The way in which several critics bemoaned the sense of purpose, wonder and spectacle in this weekend's #1 movie indicates an appreciation for Kirby's specific accomplishments may be gaining a foothoold in the mind of cultural tastemakers. That audiences didn't give a crap and enjoyed the movie anyway for its good humor and appealing characters gives supporters and family members a better platform on which to build public awareness for the American mainstream comics and pop culture giant. So expect a flurry of Kirby news for a while, such as this interview with Neal Kirby and Mark Evanier's mini-essay on fake Kirby art.
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