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September 28, 2007

Guilford Incident Commentary Deepens

The updates this morning on the Guilford Incident, where a Connecticut high school teacher named Nate Fisher, resigned after giving a high school student Eightball #22 to make up a summer reading assignment, seems to still be cresting on a secondary wave of attention paid the story, as we began to track yesterday.

It looks Dirk Deppey is the source for the links being e-mailed to CR this morning, one of which is a conversation on a a local message board discussing the incident, including some supplementary linkage (one of which is a video I can't run that purports to show Nate Fisher's picture). The second is a series of three posts from a blog covering educational issues in that area.

It's probably best not to stake entire arguments on the specific claims made on these sites, for instance the reported discussion Nate Fisher, but I think it's interesting to note that a) there's solid testimonial and personal support for the teacher, b) there's more support than one might have guessed based on the principles involved, c) there's enough people now asserting he was fired without a full hearing for his side on the matter that I think it's officially an issue, and d) people may be beginning to focus on the fairness of the resignation rather than rehashing non-arguments like whether or not parents should want to protect a child or the relative wisdom of the original assignment. I don't think it's enough to say "mistakes were made on all sides" when the outcome for those sides has been so imbalanced. While we need to remember these issues for any future such incident, it's also important that we continue to press for a better result for Mr. Fisher.
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