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January 11, 2005

Harvey Awards 1st Rd Voting Has Begun

I received e-mail this morning that indicates voting is now open for the nominating round of Harvey Awards. Unlike the juried Eisners, the Harveys, named after the legendary Harvey Kurtzman, employ a nomination round and then another vote once a final ballot is put together. This means they expect you to write down up to five nominees in each category, which is generally satisfying even if it leads to a lot of sore wrists if not outright burnout and despair.

This year's awards will be handed out on June 11 in conjunction with the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art's yearly festival. Ballots are available for download here, where you can also check out the rules. A list of eligible books was attempted here for your consideration and to reduce your chances of going insane.

The deadline is February 13.
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