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November 7, 2005

Harvey Awards Go to Baltimore

In the latest of comics' continuing string of late-Friday breaking news stories, the Harvey Awards announced it has a new home in the shape of the Baltimore Comic-Con organized by Marc Nathan. The Harveys, named for the great Harvey Kurtzman and distinguished by a balloting system limited to industry professionals involved with the production of comics, became a free agent after ending a two-plus year relationship with the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York City.

The awards will be September 9, the Saturday of the Friday-Sunday show. One imagines they will be more like the ceremonies from past shows in locations like Pittsburgh than the stab at a fancier fund-raiser tried out in New York.

The Baltimore comics show seems generally well-liked by those professionals that attend but, as yet, has not enjoyed a breakout year in terms of notable audiences and/or industry buzz -- although audience control factors faced by the con in previous years include Regional Sniper Hangover and Hurricane Proximity.

The move may call into further question the shape of future Small Press Expos, who this year had their show at a date just after the Baltimore show and sponsor their own awards, the Ignatzes. An SPX move to Baltimore had been planned at one point and then reversed, but continuing the show in its current Bethesda location has shown signs of stagnation over the long term.
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