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January 11, 2017

Hebdo Columnist Zineb el Razhoui Provides Reasons For Departure From The Magazine

This was sent to me by a few people this morning. I haven't looked at much of the Hebdo murders anniversary coverage, although I have time allotted for that this weekend.

Laurent Leger makes the most sense to me, that the magazine should have been shut down after the tributes issue. Although the magazine gets treated as a monolithic entity a lot of the time, it seems like there are definite differences in what people believe about Hebdo's role which would make it hard for that publication to survive and thrive given the tremendous add-on pressure of its legacy.

One of the things I find interesting about free-speech advocacy right now is a desire to project virtue onto the exercising of a right. My own thinking isn't exactly clear on this element, because in other cases I think we too easily abandon the virtues that certain speech may bring, and end up using the speech we have in front of us as a proxy for some sort of ideal speech that we'd like to feel is the actual speech whose existence we're defending. I couldn't tell you if those two conflicting-on-the-surface thoughts represent a log jam or an opening. It strikes me that there must be a difference between a principle in place and a slogan in use, between a core truth and virtue as capital, but many people closer to this than I am seem pretty calcified in their thinking right now and satisfied in being so.
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