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January 1, 2015

Help Me Wish Comics People A Happy Birthday


I like starting the day wishing as many comics people as have their information out there publicly for several reasons. One, it's a way for people to find and look at new material to see and read. Two, I think the reminder of how old people are or aren't serves a historical function that's a great reminder that this is an art form of artists over characters and companies and that their time is fleeting. Three, I do hope for people to have a very nice day on the day of their birth. I wish that most days, really, but that would be a crazy amount of posting.

I'm going to try and do a better job tracking down this information -- I added three names today to my usual two. If you want to help by submitting your own or sending me a link to someone's birthdate (it's the history thing) in a public place, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) I need to figure out if you actually do comics or work in comics, but that tends to be a pretty low threshold of discovery if you're actually doing it.

Update: To be clear just because it didn't get through to the first three nice people that wrote in: I need birthdates, not just birthdays -- I need the year. That's what interests me for the site, although I'm right there writing on Facebook walls and sending e-mail to my friends that don't want or have that information public. I'm always happy to take something down, too, and have for about five people over the years that didn't want their age known to the public (even though it was already public, just not that public).
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