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January 5, 2015

Here’s Something Potentially Nice For Comics: Please Consider Writing Six Fan Letters This Year

imageIf 2014 was the slog for you that it anecdotally seemed to be for so many comics readers and comics-makers, one thing I always suggest and will do so again right now is that you take some time during the year, maybe two hours total, to write six old-fashioned fan letters. Write down a half-dozen comics professionals, fellow fans you encounter, maybe a local retailer, put your list in a memo or printed out and taped to a wall somewhere, and when the mood hits you dash off a physical letter or e-mail telling that person how much you've enjoyed their work and/or personal example. If you can't find an address or e-mail account, send it to them in care of one of their publishing partners.

Do it without the expecation of a response. Don't do it for publication. Find the place in your heart that's grateful for something that comes from comics, and then write a letter to someone responsible from that place.

One might argue that as a culture we already trade in too many superlatives, but I can't imagine anyone getting an unexpected letter of praise or complimentary e-mail that's specific and focused and engaged with that specific task of reaching out for whom this wouldn't be a positive. With the youngest of the early '80s generation now leaping into their late fifties, time is somewhat of the essence, too. It's fun to put into words the gratitude one feels for an artist of that distracted, that entertained, that informed, that helped.

Good luck if you decide to do this!
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