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September 2, 2007

Holiday Noodling Around the Internet

It's a holiday in the U.S., anyway. Labor Day used to be the last day of summer for a lot of us when we were kids. It seems like most kids go back to school mid-August now. Sorry, kids of today. Here are some of the feature-y items from last weekend in case you're at work or your idea of a holiday includes reading/watching/learning stuff about comics:

* Gary Groth talks to the man who may be our greatest living cartoonist, Kim Deitch.

* "Infallible is the word for Mantle" may be the greatest phrase ever written for a comic book character.

* Chris Butcher seems to throw an elbow or two while taking on the idea of a dearth of manga for adults.

* Eric Reynolds' potential heel turn causes Internet panic.

* The suite of BBC comics-related documentaries may now be considered formally previewed.

* Beneficiaries of nice, major media source profile/reviews over the weekend include Adrian Tomine, Scott Chantler, and George Herriman.

* Happy 30th Birthday, Nostalgia and Comics!
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