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June 26, 2006

Humanoides: Euro-Manga Anthology

I'm not sure there's anything to be said at this moment beyond noting the announcement itself, but the fact that Humanoides is doing an anthology Shogun based roughly on the Shonen Jump model (lots of pages, low price) featuring nothing but manga (or, since the definitional wars start on issues such as these, "manga-style" or "comics resembling manga") from European creators is enough in and of itself for noting here. If you can make out the French the article surrounding this announcement is a billion graphs long, with nods towards how publishers have integrated manga into various lines, how various manga works have become style touchstones for younger creators, how the Japanese publishers have jacked up the price for their works, the company's pre-publication publicity plans for the effort and the magazine's initial line-up.

The magazine will debut on September 29.
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