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September 7, 2015

I Haven’t Forgotten This Site’s Patreon…

... I'm just behind. My arrogance in thinking that transitioning into InDesign (even given a template) would be easy even though I haven't done interior magazine layout since 1998 was -- let's say ambitious, approaching asinine.

imageI have the full issue #0 done which should go up as soon as possible, and I think there's some really good stuff in there. I think I can be on a monthly schedule right away. I will owe subscribers an issue, which I can also take care of pretty quickly in an honorable way. The stumble at the launch is all on me, and if you want to adjust or bail I understand and I apologize and I remain indebted to you. I think you'll be pleased if you stick around, though.

The patreon saved my life. It re-energized me after almost 11 years of working on the site, which if you've ever done a job like that involves a specific kind of creeping burnout that no other job really provides. It's never a hard job or even a difficult one -- it's a walk in the park compared to what most people do -- but it is specifically tough in that one way. The money from readers stablized things here at the office at a scary time, and the site reflected that: we had more substantial posts up on the CR site in August than during any month going two years back.

I remain super-excited about curating a written project about the best art form in the world at a crucial time in its history and hope you'll keep with me. I was terrible at doing this blog at first, terrible at doing a comic strip for about a year and terrible at doing The Comics Journal for nearly 18 months. Things will get better.
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