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June 15, 2015

I Haven’t Written About The Tara Shultz Story Yet

Sorry. It's this right here. It was hard for me to get my arms around that much stupid.

imageIn a nutshell, a 20-year-old Crafton Hills College student complained about the comics used in an English course and protested them with the help of her friends and her parents. She wanted them eradicated from the course. Her objections were to lurid content as presented through the comics medium: an enduring classic. The college said no, except that they'd put a disclaimer on they syllabus because of no good reason anyone can articulate. The father of the student vows to fight on.

There was one interesting thing I guess in that this was presented to me by friends as a trigger warning story gone wild, when in actuality it just seems like a straight up attack on content. The other interesting thing I've noticed in these stories is that the student's parents are that involved. I would have had to have paid my parents $40,000 each to take up one of my campus crusades, and mine were much less dumb.

I'm one of those cranky dudes that believe that our national obsession with going to college has allowed that entire segment of our society to adopt significant boondoggle elements. This shows another side, that in certain sectors you have so much competition now for students that students can assume that the education they're about to receive will suit them and whatever proclivities and desires they bring to bear exactly as they would like to see their wishes fulfilled. In the end, a significant segment of our popular may be better off in the long run buying a house rather than paying tuition.
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