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August 4, 2005

“I Was Diagnosed With Being Screwed”

imageThe thought is lovely, of course. And "I'm wearing it in support of older cartoonists who have had a difficult time affording retirement" or some similar statement isn't a bad one to put out there if asked, as opposed to something like "I really support the eating of cheese" or "Slot machines at horsetracks NOW" or whatever.

Still, I always thought the public display of allegience and support to just about any cause through these bracelet thingees was kind of a weird place to go with the idea as originally conceived. In this case, making the economic hardship of older creators something akin to a disease to be endured, even by accident, seems to me to absolve various companies and officers of those companies of their huge and depressingly frequent role in perpetuating that hardship. Is there a bracelet for repeated blows to the head, or do we just assume the proper thing is to not let people do that?
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