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September 3, 2007 Annual Paul Levitz Interview talks with DC President and Publisher Paul Levitz at San Diego, which I believe is a tradition at the comics business news and analysis site. A sustained interview like this one can always be considered a must-read for industry wonks.

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There's not a lot that jumps out at me as being worth talking about, really. By Levitz' own admissions, he's engaged with projects very early on in their development, which gives him a kind of broad view of things -- not a lot of grit and detail in his descriptions of DC's various efforts. He makes a philosophical point about Zuda where he offers up that a publisher justifies itself by providing value to the creation that the creator can't, which I think is fine, but I also think invites some really strict analysis of what happens with those comics in terms of how the creators are treated and how successful they are in relation to successful self-publishers of webcomics.

There are a couple of vague points that gained my attention, kind of related. I always find it odd whenever anyone at the Big Two contrasts the opportunities for selling through comics shops with the opportunities provided other retail outlets as if they didn't have a gigantic hand in shaping the kind of market comics shops have and pursue and maintain. I also find it weird when mainstream publishers talk about the breadth of the field and what's possible now, when their resources made such changes possible a long time ago, they just chose not to pursue those things in sustained fashion. So I guess in general there's something about re-casting the profit motive into a structural impediment that irks me a bit.
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