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January 15, 2006 December Decline Up Top

The comics news and business analysis site has released their monthly set of numbers for Direct Market comics sales, as well as theirarticles explaining same, this time for December 2005.

Top Comic Books
Top Graphic Novels points out some shrinkage in the top 25 titles almost across the board, with only one book garnering more sales than its proper counterpart from November. This makes some rudimentary sense as the big stunt comics and prestige series which traditionally hold the majority of top positions in the DM are now past the early issue numbers. Except for a comic distinguished by Wolverine being ripped in half by the Incredible Hulk, a comic that did well, the new premiere comics of this type feature secondary characters like Spider-Woman and Quicksilver.

Usual CR items of interest.

100,000 sellers -- 6
75,000 sellers -- 14
50,000 sellers -- 35
25,000 sellers -- 85
10,000 sellers -- 170

Number of Books not from DC and Marvel in Top 100 -- 5

There also seems to me a lot of superhero comics in the 20,000-30,000 range as the mid-list continues to get hammered, but that may just be my mood today.
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