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August 16, 2005 Miller/Lee Sell 261,000's always must-read, multiple-article analysis of July's direct market sales indicates that the Frank Miller/Jim Lee collaboration on All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder sold 261,000 copies, more than any other single comic book thus far this decade. With those sales, continued strong sales for the Brian Bendis-written House of M and New Avengers efforts, and a top 20 littered with House of M tie-ins including two issues of the main mini-series, comics sales went up 7 percent despite a decline on most titles within the top 25 from their previous issues. Combined with the continued growth in sales of graphic novels in the direct market from this year to last, overall sales were up 10 percent as compared to the same month in 2004. Sales have been expected to be strong for a period of July to at least September, as multiple plot-driven series hit in a variety of formats and graphic novel sales expected to continued.

In various figures of the kind we watch here at CR, the comics numbers dip below 50,000 after the 40th best selling comic, below 25,000 at #89, and below 15,000 at #126. I count eight of the top 100 titles not being from Marvel and DC (Aspen, Dark Horse and Dynamite share them), which I think is actually a slight improvement. As in past months the top graphic novel sales tend to favor collected work from Marvel and DC with a few of the more popular manga series sprinkled throughout the top 25. The key, as always, is whether or not this heavy concentration on mini-series can 1) be sustained, which means they have to start consistently selling through to customers and 2) if this high-profile special event stuff eventually has a positive effect on regular series offerings.

The DM's top-selling graphic novel of the month, Y The Last Man Volume 5.
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