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December 6, 2007 On 2007 Watchmen Sales

The comics business news and analysis site picks up on a line in a recent NY Times article about comics in gift-ready formats, the claim that sales on the venerable Watchmen may number 95,000 in 2007, and provides a bit of helpful secondary analysis as to why this is and what we can expect in the immediate future.

As a matter of course, I distrust any and all exact and semi-exact DC Comics sales numbers because of holes in outside reportage of such figures and the arbitrary nature by which DC itself makes such figures known. I think that reluctance has long been driven by a desire by the publisher to control for their own, intermittent advantage what would be industry-beneficial information. Still, it's worth noting that the sales are really high, both in bookstores and in comic shops, and that this will likely continue if not intensify for another 15 months before the release of a Watchmen film. I assume that film will still be promoted as coming from little-known or even "underground" source material, despite years of high sales. Unless it's awful, I assume the film will do pretty well.
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