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August 22, 2006 Paul Levitz on DC, Industry

imageThe annual Paul Levitz interview at has been a general must-read, if not so much for the startling thrill of its content -- some of Levitz's answers can feel overly measured -- than for a glimpse as to where the CEO of DC Comics generally stands on various comics issues. Don't just read someone's pull quotes, access the whole thing:

* Part One
* Part Two
* Part Three
* Part Four

There's a lot of interesting talk about marketing in there, which befits both the emphasis of DC's personnel moves over the last 24 months and the nearby presence of Stephanie Fierman while the interview was conducted. Among the ideas and concepts engaged are: subtle changes in CMX trade dress; how CMX can be limited as both a young brand and by the deal-breaking unwillingness of DC to publish material more mature than that in their other lines; how DC's research seems to indicate that the number of trades readers will pass periodical readers soon; the fact that Fierman has helmed a couple of huge market research projects; the difficulty in selling several titles (the Superman titles) instead of one (V For Vendetta) when a movie comes out even though the many titles probably sell a greater number overall, and how an approach borrowed from television writing helped make 52 a risk worth taking.
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