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January 18, 2006 Terry Moore to End SiP

imageI missed this yesterday, although I can't recall seeing anyone comment past's initial story. According to that piece, Terry Moore will end his long-running Strangers in Paradise title with issue #90, about a dozen issues from where the series currently stands. Strangers in Paradise was one of a group of emerging, self-published series in the mid-1990s (along with Bone and Stray Bullets) that although that history hasn't been written yet felt at the time like the last wave of Sim-style, out-of-nowhere, single creator/story/title self-publishers who were able to manage some market penetration in the slightly less superhero dominated direct market of the time. My memory is that like Jeff Smith with Bone, Moore moved the project around a bit in safe purchase fashion when the market turned a bit weird and hostile on everyone, but remained its general steward and published the majority of issues himself. Anyway, it sort of feels like another brick in one of those end-of-the-era walls.
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