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August 29, 2006 Tokyopop’s Web Exclusives

The comics business news and analysis site takes a look at Tokyopop's new on-line efforts, specifically its decision to offer a combination of new titles and ongoing series as on-line exclusives, through a feature and an interview with Publisher Mike Kiley in two parts.

Kiley admits that the company has little to no idea if the effort will work or to what extent it may work if it does, and deflects the retailer investment criticism -- that stores have built up a readership for certain titles that they are now losing to -- by pointing at the bottom line sales of those series and saying: "I'm not aware of anything in the existing ongoing series category for which any retailers that I know of are going to be put into a situation of hardship by losing those particular books. That's no knock on anyone; it's just admission of financial reality." Kiley further points to the idea that shelfspace is limited and certain series are just not being served by the current marketplace.

According to the interview, the program should top out at about three or four releases a month for the "forseeable future."
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