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August 8, 2006 Tower Records Wobbling did such a thorough job tracking the Musicland travails that it's no surprise they're on this story about Tower Records' recent problems taking a noticeable dip for the worse, including not paying its bills. I have no idea who still sells through Tower or to what extent. While the comics business news and analysis site notes that Tower's problems won't be as major as Musicland's from a size standpoint, it's worth noting for a few reasons: 1) any disruption that may extend to comics publishers is potentially bad, as they tend to be less capitalized than some of the huge businesses talked about during the Musicland thing; 2) it's worth noting that historically Tower locations were kind of forward on carrying some comics material in the 1990s; 3) I don't think it's too big a leap to see such travails as potential lessons for all brick-and-mortar businesses as the nature of buying habits in an industry change.
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