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February 10, 2006

If I Were Going to WonderCon…

... I would:

image1. Thank someone in charge for being an advertiser on this site (conflict of interest admission).
2. Try to see the programming featuring Gerard Jones on his history book, Gahan Wilson and Ramona Fradon.
3. Support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund by attending their event.
4. Go and see Rory Root's still sort-of new retail location.
5. Mix booze and comics at one of Isotope's functions, the way I used to when I'd sit alone at home on weekend nights with my stack of muscleman comics and a bottle of Canadian Mist mixed with Mountain Dew drinking a gulp every time an Image artist failed to draw a complete foot and sobbing softly to myself.
6. Access the retailers at the show to finish my Mike Parobeck collection.
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