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October 21, 2014

Image Comics Announces Details On Criminal Trades Availability; Releases To Include 48-Page One-Shot


The publisher Image Comics formally announced earlier today that they'll be re-presenting trades collecting the Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips series Criminal for the book market. Brubaker and Phillips did the series and its initial trade run during a generally fruitful period for the creative team at Marvel. The plans include a one-shot periodical-style publication (left) that will boast a variant cover (right). This will start in January.

The new trade dress (middle) had already been sneaked, and I think the news generally out there, but I believe this is the first time that all of the pertinent information has been in one place. I thought those books underperformed a bit at Marvel, and it should be enjoyable to see the creative benefit from the Image deal for these works.
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