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January 14, 2015

Image Starts Image Direct Subscription Service

It's here. I'll sort through the business-deal aspects as the day goes on. Two things pop to mind immediately. One is that this and digital comics are a way to address shortcomings in the delivery system for comic books as they exist right now, particularly after coverage was deeply affected in the 1990s. As I've mentioned a billion times on this site, I'm a good 150 minutes from a comics shop of any kind. This is a shop that doesn't carry the more "out there" Marvel books. If I were not in comics in this strange capacity and needed them for reading, I would likely mail-order from a comics shop and a direct subscription to some titles would be totally in the mix. If I were a fan of only five or six titles -- and I can imagine that fan -- I might be totally taken care of by a subscription service.

The second thing that springs to mind is I wonder if Image Comics is the company best suited to a subscription service right now because their titles have much greater creative continuity issue to issue. I know what Saga and Fade Out are going to look like and who's going to be doing them, at least until I'm told differently.

Anyway, I wish them luck, I think there's some juice in a lot of old ways of doing things if they can be figured out, just as comics profits via a brick-and-mortar retail system that a lot of media industries can't make work.
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