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November 26, 2006

In Case You’ve Been Away…

Various events of importance taking place over Thanksgiving weekend:

* The Miami Herald Building was evacuated for a period late last week when cartoonist Jose Varela showed up at a Spanish-language adjunct and, claiming to have a gun, barricaded himself in an editor's office. He initially said the problem was a conflict of interest the paper had with Cuban exiles to which he wanted to bring dramatic attention, but the portrait that appeared over the weekend was of a personally troubled man. The stand-off lasted roughly two hours. Editor & Publisher profiles Varela.

* Two important figures passed away: pioneering fan writer Dr. Jerry Bails (b. 1933) and key Uncanny X-Men artist Dave Cockrum (b. 1943).

* In towns all over America, college freshmen returned home for the first time since August and in the course of the long weekend went to one or two of the strangest social functions of their entire lives, featuring all of the same people they had seen under completely different circumstances just 13 weeks ago.

* The annual CR Holiday Shopping Guide for 2006 gave a few people a few moments of welcome distraction, while potentially aggravating several people not mentioned in its various lists, suggestions and recommendations.

* DC Comics announced the Minx imprint through their willing PR satellite, the New York Times, and comes dangerously close to suggesting that for the first time, teen female readers will now have comics to read. It's actually quite safe to make pronouncements about teen female comics readers, as they're all too busy reading manga to notice.
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