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June 11, 2019

Infowars Settles With Matt Furie Over Pepe The Frog

Here. That seems like a decent summary of the case recently settled and the larger set of actions by cartoonist Matt Furie and his lawyers, all of which seemed to follow the same, rough plan: 1) assert the artist's right to license the character; 2) do not give the offending person a license; 3) have any monies made turned over. The idea that these uses were satirical in nature because those using the character proclaimed this to be so just didn't fly given the clear, commercial concerns involved.

Hopefully, the character lives in peace -- or stays at rest, having been killed as a response to some of the use early on. What an amazingly hyper-annoying thing for Furie to have to endure, and I'm glad the moves against the appropriating agents became more aggressive as the use continued.
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