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February 1, 2014

Le Monde: Bill Watterson Wins Grand Prix At FIBD


First Reaction: I can't imagine he's there for the announcement, but someone not being there isn't unheard of, especially in the days when there weren't even finalists lists.
Second Reaction: jesus... would he accept?
Third Reaction: if he accepts, would he go?
Fourth Reaction: could he do the presidency duties or some semblence thereof without going?
Fifth Reaction: would this possibly rope in the forthcoming Billy Ireland exhibit in which he is participating?
Sixth Reaction: the growth in admiration for Watterson's excellent newspaper strip since its retirement is a remarkable comics story.
Seventh Reaction: I still think a manga artist is way overdue, and hope that happens in the next few years.
Eighth Reaction: if this is true and it happens, and it makes a Richard Thompson exhibit over there possible, I would love that.
Ninth Reaction: that is two Americans in... four years, I think. Actually, yes: Spiegelman, Denis, Willem/Toriyama, Watterson. And a lot of Americans will want to attend next year's show.
Tenth Reaction: paging Lee Salem...
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