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November 14, 2006

It’s A Comics Interview Round-Up!

* Despite a description that makes it sound like you're getting content from the future, I think I may have totally spaced out on this Faster Than Light podcast featuring Grant Stone talking to Eddie Campbell about The Fate of the Artist, but Campbell's one of the fine comics conversationalists out there, and there's a lot to talk about with that book. Plus an R. Crumb review! What could be better?

* There's a solid interview with Monte Beauchamp of Blab! at a place called Get Underground, which I like most of all because of its accuracy in tracing the vocational aspects of working in and around comics and illustration: the sense of doing this project, than that project, than changing it, than working here and then here. You don't usually get to see that kind of career path with someone who's not primarily a comics creator, and Beauchamp's is certainly distinguished.

image* Patti Edgington at The Grand Rapids Press gets a jump with one of the big publishing stories of next year -- Lynn Johnston's retirement of For Better or For Worse -- with a focused interview. Johnston spoils April's character arc, and says she still has plans for the characters, just not soap opera with them aging in real time. The scramble for the 2000 open slots when Johnston puts her successful strip to rest should certainly be something to watch, with or without a kind of re-run offering from Johnston as some people take her hints here.
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