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March 28, 2011

Jason Chatfield Gets Back To Work After Taxi Incident

imageA few of you were nice enough to write in asking after Jason Chatfield, the stand-up comedian and Ginger Meggs cartoonist whose drawing ability was put into danger after being dragged down a Melbourne street by a taxicab early March 20. His drawing hand and right arm were injured. It sounds like things are going okay. You can read the progression of posts at his tumblr-based site but the gist is that a) he hasn't found the offending driver yet, b) he's in rehab for his arm, c) he's able to draw. So thank goodness for that. A couple of the more interesting posts were his discovery that Dan Piraro watched a loved one go through a similar incident as recently as December, and his discussion here about how he didn't have some sort of broad agenda against cab drivers.

That's a drawing Chatfield made on March 22.
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