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October 13, 2019

JC Lee Sues POW Etertainment And Its Principal Players


At least that's what I think is going on here:


This was sent to me by a friend and I will sort through it, but I don't want to impede anyone else interested in the story from doing the same in a timely manner. As a legal narrative it's interesting, too, casting names related-to-Stan like Gill Champion and the late Arthur Lieberman as villains out to exploit characters and goodwill created by Lee. I would imagine most readers of the situation generally would take a step back from the more florid career claims made on Lee's behalf, but I don't know that for certain. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds and certainly JC is a major person of interest -- probably the major person of interest -- from which to be heard.

The one-year anniversary of Lee's death will arrive on November 12.
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