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June 15, 2006

Jean Roba, 1930-2006


Jean Roba, the co-creator (with Maurice Rosy) of Boule et Bill and a major practitioner of classic French BD art, has passed away at 75 years old.

Roba left advertising and illustration to join the magazine Spirou in 1957, working first with Eddy Paape and then on his own. Boule et Bill, featuring a boy and his dog, was for a long time following its 1959 debut a one-page feature, becoming a longer narrative starting in 1981's "Globe Trotters." According to his entry at, Roba was also an assitant on Andre Franquin's Spirou et Fantasio feature for Le Parien Libere.

Roba's other projects included Pomme, "La Ribambelle" (with Jidehem, Yvan Delporte, and Vicq) and "Le Sixieme Your" in Trombone Illustre.
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