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December 13, 2004

Jim Willoughby, RIP

imageI was sorry to hear of the passing of Jim Willoughby, a longtime southwestern editorial cartoonist and illustrator. Willoughby was perhaps best known as the cowboy cartoonist resposible for the "Willoughby's West" feaure in the magazine Arizona Highways. Cowboy cartoonists are illustrators that deal with humor related to cowboys and other western-typical activities. For those unfamiliar, they are probably best compared to automotive cartoonists like the late Pete Millar (Willoughby worked with Millar as a freelancer very early on in his career) in that they are specifically focused cartoonists that preserve and celebrate a certain passionately-held suite of American myths.

Jim Willoughby was a longtime stoyboard artist and character designer who worked for Walt Disney, Hanna-Barbera and Filmation. His illustrations appeared in a variety of mainstream magazines, including the Saturday Evening Post, Look Magazine, True, Better Homes and Gardens, and Playboy. He was the author or co-author on a total of nine books.

Oddly, Willoughby's obituary has been scrolled off of his hometown newspaper and replaced. A google search that worked at 4 AM leads to another article now. One hopes that means reports of the cartoonist's passing were premature.
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