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December 11, 2006

Simon: What Was Crumb Thinking?

imageDirk Deppey caught this item posted at Joe Simon's site this morning, whereby the longtime comics figure notes a cover illustration from his 1975 The National Crumb magazine reprinted in the The R. Crumb Handbook and claims that it has been used in a way that suggests R. Crumb drew it. The entry goes so far as to name counsel retained by the Simon family.

The picture in question does appear on page 185 of the book, between two comics, in a section about Crumb's growing fame. It's cited in the back of the book with other Crumb illustrations, although not explicitly as a Crumb illustration or, it's worth noting, as something belonging to Simon as are some other comics images. The art itself is only describing as being culled from Peter Poplaski's personal collection. It's hard to imagine what kind of damage to any copyright could be proved through legal action over one drawing in the copiously illustrated book, although I guess it's certainly the Simon's family right to pursue such action if they think they were wronged. It's probably worth noting that Crumb lives in France and publisher MQP is located in London, so I'm not sure how that would work, either.
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