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January 23, 2006

Buenaventura Press to Co-Publish KE6


Alvin Buenaventura's Buenaventura Press and Avodah Books have formally announced their intention to co-publish Sammy Harkham's Kramers Ergot 6, the latest volume in the premiere young cartoonists' anthology -- and potential premiere comics anthology period. The book is planned for early this summer, Gingko Press will do the book distribution, and Buenaventura will serve as assistant editor.

Other projects planned by Buenaventura Press include: Ron Rege's Yeast Hoist XII, Dan Zettwoch's ongoing Redbird; Elvis Studio's 30-foot-long narrative drawing Elvis Road; the portfolio Private Stash an edition of Johnny Ryan's Comic Book Holocaust, and the relaunch of Comic Art.
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