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March 4, 2011

Kodansha International To Close Down By May 1

Another move by publishing giant Kodansha was announced this week as they're closing down they're English-language focused Kodansha International effort. That was a company best known for English translations of prose, but a few manga works were apparently done through that imprint as well as the first edition of Frederik Schodt's legendary book about comics Manga! Manga!. The article makes clear that this is a separate endeavor from Kodansha USA and doesn't have anything directly to do with their purchase of a significant share of Vertical, Inc., although I would imagine a few folks might wonder if a few prose books that might have gone through that imprint will end up at Vertical and might have even done so if the imprint had stuck around; not like we'd ever be able to tell. The phasing out of the subsidiary is part of a series of general moves made during what is a period of transition at the top of the company -- current chief operating officer Yoshinobu Noma takes over from his mother Sawako Noma in mid-April -- and in that light all of them seem worth noting.
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