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March 28, 2011

Kodansha To Put Manga Magazines On-Line Post-Quake

imageA post at Anime News Network notes that Kodansha is going to put Weekly Shonen Magazine, Young Magazine, Morning, Evening, Be-Love and Kiss on-line for free because of the norther Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami. This follows a similar, more limited move by Shueisha, and news reported in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper that dozens of children shared a single available issue of Weekly Shonen Jump at a store in Sendai -- ANN says this is that story.

Readers of comics history might remember that comics -- low-tech, portable, diverting -- were an extremely popular form of entertainment in devastated and otherwise politically discombobulated regions in both Japan and Europe following World War II.

The shape and focus of the program has yet to be decided, and sounds like it might include some direct delivery of paper publications, too.

Several publishers have announced delays in publications due to resource and distribution issues following the devastating natural disaster, although I've seen absolutely nothing to indicate major disruptions or losses of any kind in that key Japanese business' infrastructure or with its creative class.
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