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November 24, 2010

La Mano Announces Kim Deitch Files

imageZak Sally's boutique publishing effort La Mano 21 has announced a major project well-worth pulling out of "Bundled" and giving its own post -- The Kim Deitch Files, a portfolio-style presentation of the pencil sketchbook/workbook pages from one of the great cartoonists of this age. They will debut it at BCGF and at a Seattle's Fantagraphics bookstore during their 4th anniversary party, and promise two different editions which they break down into great detail at the site's top article (I can't find a permanent link). Basically hand-assembled by Sally, I think these fall into "beautiful object" territory just by nature of the work they represent and if you find yourself wanting one after reading Sally's post, this is a sign that we can be friends.
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