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January 6, 2005

LA Times Drops Garfield; World Reels

imageEditor and Publisher reports that the LA Times has dropped the dailies of the comic strip Garfield, directly citing its mass-manufacture and eager-to-please qualities. It is to be replaced by the new offering Brevity, which is being syndicated as both a strip and a panel. I'm kidding in that headline. It's not like the feature will be hurting for clients anytime soon, and as I recall the Times has a reputation for being one of the more freethinking newspaper strip clients. It's worth noting anyway.

It may not even be permanent. Strips essentially need to be dropped twice by a newspaper. They need to go initially, and the decision needs to weather whatever reader backlash it receives. It's an oft-repeated joke among strip cartoonists that a new feature really doesn't stick until it's been dropped and reinstated by at least one paper.

Dave Astor also has news that Raising Duncan has been canceled by its syndicate.
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