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October 10, 2017

Lakes Festival Battered By Criticism + Handling Of Same; Apologizes; Apology Accepted; Fallout

Two issues have raged through the comics Internet over the last two days: a return to issues of sexual harassment and violation ignited by Harvey Weinstein being outed as a serial rapist, and this weekend's LiCAF in England suffering through a period of criticism, further criticism, guest departures, open letters and apologies in what has been a tumultuous lead-up to this weekend's show.

The former is still best accessed in its raw form as I think there are still permutations to come, but I liked this Bleeding Cool write-up of the LiCAF material as a starting point for working outside in on what happened.

I hope that the focus there will remain less on rhetorical tactics than on the ongoing need to listen and adjust and really push for diverse representation at comics shows, an area in which constant evaluation and ongoing, marked improvement are necessary.

please note I work for a same-season comics show
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